Chemical Sector
1 The Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd
2 Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd 
3 Travancore Titanium Products Ltd.
4 Malabar Cements Ltd
5 The Travancore Cements Ltd
6 Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd
7 Kerala State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd
Electrical Equipment
8 Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Company Ltd
9 United Electrical Industries Ltd
10 Traco Cable Company Ltd
11 Transformers and Electricals Kerala Ltd
Ceramic & Refractories
12 Kerala Clays and Ceramic Products Ltd
13 The Kerala Ceramics Ltd
Electronic Sector
14 Kerala State Electronic Development Corporation Ltd
15 Keltron Electro Ceramics Ltd
16 Keltron Component Complex Ltd
Development and Infrastructure
17 Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation
18 Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
19 Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd
20 Kerala Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd
21 The Metal Industries Ltd
22 Steel Industrials Kerala Ltd
23 Steel Complex Ltd
24 Kerala Automobiles Ltd
25 Steel and Industrial Forgings Ltd
26 Autokast Ltd
27 Kerala State Textile Corporation Ltd
28 The Alleppey Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd
29 The Trichur Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd
30 The Cannannore Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd
31 The Quilon Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd
32 The Malappuram Co-operative Spinning Mills Ltd
33 Trivandrum Spinning Mills Ltd
34 Sitaram Textiles Ltd
35 Kerala State Co-operative Textile Federation Ltd
Traditional / Welfare Units
36 Kerala Artisans' Development Corporation Ltd
37 Kerala State Palmyrah Products Development and workers welfare corporation Ltd
38 Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd
39 Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation Ltd
40 The Kerala State Handloom Weavers' Co-operative Society Ltd
41 Kerala Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd
Wood and Agro-based
42 Forest Industries (Travancore) Ltd.

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