Sl.No Government Order Date Subject
1 GO(MS) No 1/2011/ID 01/01/2011 Creation of new post in new factories, expansion/modernisation Project
2 GO(Rt) No 2/2011/ID 01/01/2011 KCCL-Appnmnt of Shri Ajith Kumar K.G, DGM KSIDC, as MD,KCCL
3 GO(MS) No 33/2011/ID 02/01/2011 SILK- release of Rs.280 lakhs for modernisaton of Ottapalam
4 GO(MS) No 3/2011/ID 01/05/2011 SCL-Transfer of shares of 3065850 nos equity share to SAIL for Rs.27.34 per share for JV
5 GO(Rt) No 39/2011/ID 01/07/2011 UEI- Release of fund- Rs.296 Lakhs  for rejuvenation and revival proposal
6 GO(MS) No 9/2011/ID 13/1/2011 CRL- settlement of dues with UBI
7 GO(Rt) No 60/2011/ID 13/1/2011 KSDP-Modernisation cum GMP - Financial assistance for Rs.250L
8 GO(Rt) No 65/2011/ID 13/1/2011 UEI-modification GO1632/10/ID- sanction for pymnt of Rs. 2 crore for rejuvenation and revival of company
9 GO(MS) No 14/2011/ID 18/1/2011 Striking off names - Eeasy Exit Scheme 2011-KSIPTC
10 GO(Rt) No 80/2011/ID 18/1/2011 KSO- Charge arrangement of MD KSO
11 GO(MS) No 12/2011/ID 18/1/2011 Striking off names - Eeasy Exit Scheme 2011- KSO
12 GO(MS) No 11/2011/ID 18/1/2011 SCL- SAIL JV-Amendment in AOA
13 GO(MS) No 21/2011/ID 19/1/2011 Striking off names - Eeasy Exit Scheme 2011-MEC
14 GO(MS) No 17/2011/ID 19/1/2011 Striking off names - Eeasy Exit Scheme 2011-KCCL
15 GO(MS) No 20/2011/ID 19/1/2011 Striking off names - Eeasy Exit Scheme 2011-2011- CRL
16 GO(MS) No 16/2011/ID 19/1/2011 AKL- Setting up of steel casting lines- release of Rs.896.17 lakhs
17 GO(Rt) No 94/2011/ID 20/1/2011 BHEL-KEL- Releasing of Rs.4,90,000/- towards the intial contribution
18 GO(MS) No 24/2011/ID 22/1/2011 KEMDEL- Desiltation of Malampuzha Dam- service charge to KEMDEL
19 GO(Rt) No 135/2011/ID 27/1/2011 KSEDC-appointment of MD, Shri Vinod Kumar Bisht
20 GO(MS) No 29/2011/ID 28/1/2011 KEL-BHEL- exemption from payment of stamp duty and other taxes for the sale of land and assets
21 GO(Rt) No 27/2011/ID 01/06/2011 KAL- Appointment of Shri.O.Rajan Master as Director
22 Circular No 2/2011/Fin 01/04/2011 Budget Estimate 2010-2011- Final batch SDG 2010-11
23 GO(Rt) No 161/2011/ID 02/02/2011 KEL- Sanction of Rs.178.76 L as working capital loan
24 GO(Rt) No 146/2011/ID 29/1/2011 TTP- Appntmt of Shri. S. SomanathaPillai as MD, TTP and full and additional charge of TCL
25 GO(MS) No 35/2011/ID 02/05/2011 SCL- Transfer of land to KSEB
26 GO(Rt) No 289/2011/ID 24/2/2011 MIL- Appntmnt of Shri.K.N. Krishna Kumar, Dy.Dir, DIC as MD, MIL
27 GO(Rt) No 280/2011/ID 24/2/2011 KSEDC- Apptmt o Shri. Prasannakumar as Managing Director
28 GO(Rt) No 275/2011/ID 23/2/2011 UEI- release of fund- Rs.200Lfor rejuvenation and revival of viable PSUs
29 GO(Ms) No 42/2011/ID 17/2/2011 KAL- regularisation of 40 employees
30 GO(Rt) No 1764/2010/ID 31/12/2010 KSIDC to release the loan amount to the PSUs
31 GO(Ms) No 264/2010/ID 31/12/2010 AKL- setting up of steel casting line- release of Rs.896.17 L
32 GO(Ms) No 254/2010/ID 23/12/2010 SILK- Release of Rs.280 L for modernisation of Ottapalam unit
33 GO(Rt) No 1737/2010/ID 23/12/2010 SCL- AS for Rs.7.15 Cr for implementation of re-rolling mill
34 GO(Rt) No 1708/2010/ID 15/12/2010 KEL- Sanction of amount of Rs.178.76 lakhs as working capital loan
35 GO(Rt) No 1697/2010/ID 14/12/2010 KEL-BHEL- transfer of assets of KEL, Ksrgd to BHEL as part of JV
36 GO(Ms) No 174/2010/ID 08/12/2010 KAL- Enhance of authorised capital to Rs.20crore
37 GO(Rt) No 1631/2010/ID 27/11/2010 KSDP- sanction for releasing Rs.2 crore as working capital
38 GO(Rt) No 1632/2010/ID 27/11/2010 UEI- AS for release of Rs.2 crores as working capital
39 GO(Rt) No 1623/2010/ID 26/11/2010 TCL- Revival Project-loan of Rs.100 L
40 GO(Rt) No 1627/2010/ID 26/11/2010 KSEDC- appoinment of Shri.S.Rajeev as MD, KSEDC
41 GO(Ms) No 233/2010/ID 19/11/2010 KSEDC- absorption of 34 redeployed employees of KCL 
42 GO(Rt) No 1509/2010/ID 29/10/2010 MIL- release of amount of Rs.259.11 L for modernisation
43 GO(Rt) No 1507/2010/ID 28/10/2010 KAL- Working capital- Rs.200 lakhs
44 GO(Rt) No 1501/2010/ID 26/10/2010 TPI- Modification of GO(Rt) No 1080/2010/ID dtd 28/7/2010
45 GO(Ms) No 249/2010/ID 12/10/2010 SILK- regularisation of casual/contract employees in the service
46 GO(Rt) No 288/2010/ID 03/10/2010 KADCO- Fin Asst. of Rs.48.15 L for est.blishing prod. Cum facility centre
47 GO(Rt) No 1406/2010/ID 30/9/2010 MIL- resignation of Shri.V.K.Babu- Chairman MIL
48 GO(Ms) No 202/2010/ID 18/9/2010 AKL- release of Rs.400 L as term loan
49 GO(Rt) No 1298/2010/ID 15/9/2010 TTP-Appointment of Shri john Mathai as Chairman 
50 GO(Rt) No 832/2010/ID 06/09/2010 KAL- revision of salary for supervisory managerial personnel
51 GO(Rt) No 1224/2010/ID 27/8/2010 Defunct PSUs- reconstitution of Board
52 GO(Rt) No 1217/2010/ID 19/8/2010 TCSM-Pay fixation of Shri. Ramadasan, GM TCSM
53 GO(Rt) No 1205/2010/ID 17/8/2010 ACSM- sanction for implementation of the first phase of the project
54 GO(Rt) No 1193/2010/ID 16/8/2010 MSWM- funding pattern for expansion project
55 GO(Rt) No 1681/2010/ID 12/08/2010 AKL- Sanction of working capital for Rs.100 lakhs
56 GO(Rt) No 1682/2010/ID 12/08/2010 MIL- Rs.23 lakhs as working capital
57 GO(Rt) No 1563/2010/ID 11/08/2010 Defunct PSUs - Finalisation of accounts - sanction to use Rs.20 lakhs from KSRL
58 GO(Rt) No 1080/2010/ID 28/7/2010 TPI-Disbursement of arrear salary to employees under VRS
59 GO(Rt) No 1042/2010/ID 19/7/2010 UEI- AS for working capital assistance Rs.296 L
60 GO(Ms) No 155/2010/ID 17/7/2010 SILK- Release of Rs.280 L for modernisation of Ottapalam unit
61 GO(Ms) No 154/2010/ID 16/7/2010 SCL- Release of Rs.290 L as working capital asst.
62 GO(Rt) No 1022/2010/ID 16/7/2010 KEL- Sanction of Rs.3 crores as working capital bridge loan
63 GO(Rt) No 1001/2010/ID 14/7/2010 KEL- sanctioning of Rs153.13 lakhs as working capital
64 GO(Rt) No 817/2010/ID 06/07/2010 SILK- Apptmnt of Dr.S. Shanavas as MD, SILK and additional charge as MD, KSBC
65 GO(Rt) No 819/2010/ID 06/07/2010 Extension of deputation of Shri. K.Padmakumar, Secretary, RIAB
66 GO(Rt) No 930/2010/ID 30/6/2010 TRACO- Fund allocation  for Green field Project-Rs.1200L
67 GO(Ms) No 146/2010/ID 30/6/2010 KSEDC-Tool Room- Fund allocation from MCL & other Fis
68 GO(Ms) No 145/2010/ID 30/6/2010 SIFL- Clearance to avail funding from KSIDC for green field project
69 GO(Ms) No 147/2010/ID 30/6/2010 SIDCO- Tool Room Funding pattern for implement
70 GO(Rt) No 931/2010/ID 30/06/2010 UEI- fund allocation for green field Project
71 GO(Rt) No 846/2010/ID 14/6/2010 CCPC-Margin Money sanctioned to TEXFED, KSTC and STL for constitution of bank
72 GO(Rt) No 1669/2010/ID 12/06/2010 KSBC - AS- Implementation of Green field Hi-Tech Bamboo products for an amount of Rs.100L
73 Circular No.18318/H1/2010/ID  09/06/2010 RIAB- Service Charge from Public Sector
74 GO(Rt) No 1137/2010/ID 08/06/2010 Apptmnt of Shri. Babu Abraham Dy. Sec as nodal Officer for EES 2010
75 GO(Rt) No 768/2010/ID 28/5/2010 SIFL-Apptmnt of Cdr.Pullanikat Suresh as MD, SIFL
76 GO(Rt) No 729/2010/ID 25/5/2010 RIAB- AS for Rs.50 L as budget provision
77 GO(Rt) No 737/2010/ID 25/5/2010 TPI- Committee Constituted for negotiation of sundry debtors
78 GO(Rt) No 690/2010/ID 21/5/2010 Nomination of Shri.R Madhusoodhanan Nair, Jt. Sec as Director of various PSUs
79 GO(Ms) No 116/2010/ID 20/5/2010 SFU-AKL- fixation of value of land of SFU and Autokast
80 GO(Rt) No 20/2010/ID 01/05/2010 TTP- Fin. Asst of Rs 8 crores for pollultion abatement project- modification  of GO (Rt) No.1470/2009/ID dtd 20.11.2009
81 GO(Rt) No 18/2010/ID 01/05/2010 Defunct PSUs- reconstitution of Board
82 GO(Ms) No 103/2010/ID 30/4/2010 Decisions- Jt. Meeting by Hon Min (IND) & Min (Fin)- on fund allocation and various matters relating to PSUs mentioned in the budget
83 GO(Ms) No 94/2010/ID 20/4/2010 SCL-  Govt loan of Rs. 417217348- written off
84 GO(Rt) No 1667/2010/ID 12/04/2010 MIL-Appmnt of Shri.V.K.Babu, Ex MLA as Chairman
85 GO(Rt) No 469/2010/ID 31/3/2010 SIFL-apptment of Cdr. K. Shamsuddin as MD,SIFL
86 GO(Rt) No 451/2010/ID 30/3/2010 SCL- Shri.T.K.Martin, Dy. Sec, Fin Dept as Director
87 GO(Rt) No 444/2010/ID 29/3/2010 Deputing Shri. Alkesh Kumar IAS & Shri.K.Padmakumar to attend Regional workshop on SLPE's on 17.4.2010
88 GO(Ms) No 70/2010/ID 29/3/2010 SCL- clean slating liabilities of SCL as part of JV with SAIL- writing off KGST and CST
89 GO(Rt) No 395/2010/ID 24/3/2010 KEL- release of RS146.87 lakhs as working capital
90 GO(Ms) No 187/2010/ID 09/03/2010 STL- conversion of Govt laon and interest to equity
91 GO(Rt) No 1118/2010/ID 08/03/2010 SCL- Disbursement of an amount of Rs.5000/- to the employees towards suspended increment.
92 GO(Rt) No 1123/2010/ID 08/03/2010 MIL- correction in the designation of Shri.C. Nagappan Nayar , Dy Sec as Director MIL
93 Circular No.8622/cdn.5/2010/GAD 18/2/2010 RI Act- Maintenance of records in consonance with section of the Act.
94 GO(Rt) No 1655/2010/ID 12/02/2010 KSTC - Financial Assistance of Rs.100 lakhs as Government loan for modernisation of CARDT 
95 GO(Rt) No 8/2010/ID 01/02/2010 TTP- Loan for Rs.10crores from KMML for pollution abatement project
96 GO(Rt) No 100/2010/ID 21/1/2010 Defunct PSUs- reconstitution of Board
97 GO(Ms) No 652/2010/ID 12/01/2010 Training - Introductory training for Finance Department Personnel
98 GO(Ms) No 148/2010/ID 07/01/2010 KSIE-Kerala Soaps- Fund allocation Sanction-Rs.500L for implementation of Green field Project
99 GO(Rt) No 939/2010/ID 07/01/2010 TSM- Fund allocation to expansion projects mentioned in the budget speech 2010-11
100 GO(Rt) No 935/2010/ID 07/01/2010 KSTC-Komalapuram- Green field project
101 GO(Rt) No 1596/2009/ID 24/12/2009 TTP- Fin. Asst of Rs 8 crores for pollultion abatement project- accord sanction to CMD to draw and disburse the amount
102 GO(Ms) No 82/2009/ID 13/7/2009 KAL-Modification of GO(Ms) No 66/09
103 GO(Rt) No 1498/07/ID 23/11/2007 STL- OTS with SBT 1st instalment